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The first thing the members of the Regime did when they decided to take the power was to give a name to the forest where we all lived: they called it “The Aviary”. It was before they built a wall around it, before they installed a fence keeping us from reaching the sky, before they clap the wings of those who tried to resist them. But we were already trapped, trapped in this word, because as parrots we were forced to use it, to repeat it and to believe it.

Now they’ve imposed on us their mottos and the Repeatspeak, a simplified language removing all the words which would have allowed us to think about reclaiming our power. During the day they made us working for them, harvesting food, destroying the trees, creating factories. Every minute we hear the loud speakers repeating their words and preventing us to talk to each other. It’s only at twilight that we have the time to speak and to try to discuss about oppression, about liberty and about revolution.

In Parrot's thoughtcrime the player characters (PC) will be part of a group of parrots and we’ll play during these twilights. We’ll experience the difficulties to think straight while using a polluted language. During a game session we will play 4 of these twilights.


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